My journey with catering began in 1987, when my mum – Mama Irene – opened up a sandwich bar in Old Street.

As it grew in success and flourished, we eventually expanded into nearby Shoreditch in 1996, with Lennie’s Snack Bar, a lovely independent eatery with bistro style food during the day and amazing Malaysian and Thai food in the evening; today, it is available for hire to pop-up ideas – see Our Spaces. In that time, we also opened a salad bar – Lennie’s Larder – and went on to expand into Camden Lock with a delightful restaurant, which has served diverse fusion food to local companies such as MTV, Channel 4 and Jim Henson’s Productions (the Muppets).

After many years of travelling back and forth, I decided to bring a little bit of Shoreditch to Twickenham with Heavenly Dish Catering, which specialises in Asian Fusion, classic dishes and home-style cooked food, serving Twickenham, Richmond, Teddington and Kingston. You’ll notice that ‘Thai and Malay’ and ‘Asian Fusion’ come up a lot – my love and affinity for South-East Asian cuisine comes from my extensive travelling in the region, as well as from owning an apartment in Thailand. While this is my passion and speciality, my team and I create catering solutions for all tastes, and put our imagination and love into every dish we prepare.

During these 7 years, Heavenly Dish Catering has grown from strength to strength, having catered for many engagement parties, weddings, receptions, corporate occasions, private birthdays, wedding anniversaries and funerals. With our proximity to recording studios, our services have also been used by The Stereophonics, Liam Gallagher, The Charlatans, Nick Cave, and even Heston Blumenthal, when filming and recording locally.

Everyday has been a joy and an enriching experience, as my team and I make the most of every occasion to do what we are passionate about; providing lovingly prepared food that is satisfying for both the body and soul.

We hope to serve you soon!